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PRIDE Pre-Workout

PRIDE Pre-Workout

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PRIDE is clinically dosed, full strength pre-workout for those who take their training seriously. Train with MORE energy, MORE focus, EPIC pumps and enjoy a faster recovery to get you ready for your next workout.



PRIDE is the most advanced pre-workout containing Pentaffeineᵀᴹ 5-stage energy that will leave you feeling energized without a crash. PRIDE has been made using the highest quality ingredients shown to increase strength and help optimise all types of aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

Do you want to take your workout intensity to another level and become faster and stronger than ever before? If so, PRIDE is the pre-workout supplement for you. It is suitable for all fitness levels, and gives the pre-workout benefits for beginners and advanced trainers alike.

PRIDE is the KING of pre-workout powders for a reason - it contains a unique blend of performance boosting ingredients, including the 9 essential amino acids to assist with strength, mood and muscle recovery. Utilizing PRIDE as a pre-workout drink can help you break through exercise fatigue, train harder for longer, and ensure each workout is completed with maximized performance.


L-Citrulline improves blood flow and increases arginine levels, resulting in increased vascularity. Several studies have reported that L-Citrulline supplementation can enhance aerobic and anaerobic exercise performance as well as recovery. ¹ Research conducted on L-Citrulline found that supplementation resulted in faster overall VO2 kinetics. ² A faster VO2 kinetic response works to reduce the initial oxygen deficit and accumulation of by-products caused by fatigue during exercise, resulting in improved performance.

Nitrosigine® is a patented ingredient shown to promote nitric oxide (NO) production for improved blood flow, focus, and energy, which leads to potential improvements in exercise performance by increasing endothelial-dependent vasodilation. Increased vasodilation leads to an increase in skeletal muscle blood flow while decreasing biomarkers of muscle fatigue following exercise. Nitrosigine® also appears to lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This unique patented compound has gained a great reputation in the pre-workout market as it has shown great efficiency in increasing serum arginine levels. ³ Arginine plays an important role in protein anabolism, immune function and is also involved in various metabolic pathways, including the synthesis of creatine, l-ornithine, l-glutamate, and polyamines.

In addition to the other pump ingredients, Betaine Anhydrous has been added. Studies have found that supplementation improved body composition, arm size, bench press work capacity and power. These findings can be explained by Betaine’s involvement in the production of carnitine, which plays a critical role in energy production.


PRIDE is the first pre-workout to contain Pentaffeineᵀᴹ, which is a unique combination of stimulant ingredients to create a 5-stage steady release of energy. Natural Bitter Orange Extract provides a quick boost of energy to kickstart your workout. It has been assessed in a randomised double-blinded placebo-controlled protocol study which found that supplementation was associated with statistically significant increases in energy levels as well as appetite control, without any adverse effects. Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Coffee Extract, Yerba Mate and Green Tea Extract work simultaneously on fat-cell breakdown to promote long lasting energy. Findings show that Caffeine Anhydrous improves performance and increases time to exhaustion in endurance exercise. In comparison to a caffeine-matched dose of coffee, supplementation of Caffeine Anhydrous has shown to be more beneficial in improving aerobic performance. These stimulants work in conjunction with Infinergy which is a milder form of caffeine. When taken in combination, it has been demonstrated to provide a longer-lasting stimulatory effect and prevent excessive "jitters", and post-workout crash.

Green coffee extract may beneficially influence brain energy metabolic processes, helping optimize all types of aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Fat-cell breakdown properties of significantly increasing resting energy expenditure (REE) for at least four hours post-ingestion have also been shown with supplementation of Caffeine Anhydrous, Yerba Mate and Green Tea Extract . Furthermore, continuous ingestion of a green tea extract has been found to reduce body fat, systolic blood pressure, and LDL cholesterol. These findings indicate that Pentaffeineᵀᴹ gives you long lasting energy to break through exercise fatigue and long-term benefits that continue even after your workout. PERFORMANCE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACID (EAA)BLEND

There are 9 essential amino acids (EEA) which play vital bodily functions and have been incorporated to assist with protein synthesis, tissue repair and nutrient absorption. Essential amino acids can’t be made by the body, so they must come from the diet or supplementation. Amino acids help to preserve muscle, improve mood, sleep, athletic performance and assist in fat loss. A number of studies have found that oral intake of amino acids stimulates muscle protein synthesis. Leucine is an essential amino acid which helps to regulate several cellular processes such as protein synthesis, tissue regeneration, and metabolism. Previous studies have found that upper body power significantly increased after leucine supplementation. Findings also conclude that Leucine intake accompanied by regular exercise training may increase satellite cell activation in skeletal muscles and improve muscle quality.¹⁰


Cognitive functioning refers to multiple abilities, including learning, remembering and attention. Previous studies have found that supplements including SerinAid have shown increased cognitive function prior to exercise. ¹¹ Further research also suggests that L-Tyrosine may have potential benefits in improving working memory, focus and coordination when exercising. ¹² Additionally, for mood enhancing properties, studies have shown that Taurine has been effective. ¹³ In conjunction with these ingredients, theobromine has also been found to exert positive effects in different human pathologies. Research suggests that the combination of caffeine and theobromine may positively influence mood and state of alertness. ¹⁴

If you’re looking for the best pre-workout, order a tub now and take your workouts to a whole new level!


Mix 1 Scoop with 6oz (180ml) of cold water, or 2 scoops with 12oz (350ml) of cold water in a shaker and consume immediately. DO NOT exceed 2 scoops per day.


What makes PRIDE so good? 

We created PRIDE for beasts like us. We train hard, but we're always hungry for more. We expect results because we work for it, and we demand more from our pre-workout. No jitters. Just performance, clean energy, focus and pumps! 

PRIDE incorporates a unique blend of ingredients to ensure you will conquer even the most gruelling of workouts. Including Pentaffeine to fuel your workouts with clean energy, an essential amino acid blend (an industry first!) to assist with endurance and recovery, pump ingredients without the jitters, and a nootropic blend to heighten your focus! 

What flavors are available?

Blue Slushie - A smooth blend of raspberries and blackberries that deliver the zing of a blue slushie cut with the sweetness of strawberries. 

Strawberry SnowCone - Like biting into a delicious, ripe strawberry bursting with fresh flavor and a tropical twist. 

Sour Green Apple - Taste the sour and sweet combination of fresh green apple with a seriously fruity punch.

Raspberry Twizzle fo' Shizzle - Just like your favorite childhood candy with a tangy raspberry twist. Light and subtly sweet.

What are the  ingredients in PRIDE and how do they work? 

Energy and Endurance Blend (280mg Caffeine) 

Pentaffeine 5-stage energy release 

550mg of Pentaffeine allows for clean energy with a progressive 5-stage caffeine release process. Including caffeine anhydrous, infinergy, yerba mate, green coffee extract and green tea extract. Incorporating different caffeine containing ingredients which absorb at different rates allows you to ditch the caffeine crash seen with other pre-workouts! 

PRIDE will give you a solid dose of caffeine with 280mg per serving to give you the boost you need! 

Advantra Z 

Helps to increase metabolic rate and works synergistically with caffeine to stimulate the central nervous system (CNS) essentially making the caffeine more effective. It also has benefits for increasing performance as it allows more blood and oxygen being transported around the body. Essential Amino Acid blend (5g EAAs) An industry first in a pre-workout! We want your pre-workout to help prevent muscle breakdown, and improve endurance and recovery. Who said a pre-workout can’t do it all? Pride CAN! 

Essential Amino Acids 

With 5g of EAAs including methionine to help metabolize fat, lysine, tryptophan for mood boosting benefits, threonine for improved muscle strength and contractions, phenylalanine for improved pain tolerance and rate of perceived exertion and histidine to help offset lactic acid build up in your muscles! 

Branched Chain Amino Acids 

PRIDE contains BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine in the correct 2:1:1 ratio! BCAAs help to transport oxygen and increase endurance, while also assisting with recovery by helping to prevent muscle breakdown! 

Pump/ Vaso Blend (7.5g of actives) 

We’ve used the newest technology and research to bring to you a pre-workout that delivers INSANE pumps without the tingles or jitters! Get ready for skin-splitting, off the bone PUMPS and ‘python’ veins! 

Nitrosigine IHS 

1.5 grams of Nitrosigine IHS per serving helps to boost nitric oxide improving vasodilation and blood flow to muscles. An added bonus is that you don’t build up a tolerance to this ingredient! It can also help improve recovery and markers of muscle damage due to exercise. 


A whopping 5 grams per serving of L-Citrulline assists with helping you get an awesome pump due to improving blood flow and vasodilation. Your selfie game will be stronggg! 

Betaine Anhydrous 

We’ve included 1 gram per serving of Betaine Anhydrous as it helps the body adapt to stressors such as training while also increasing blood flow to muscles.


Super Nootropic Blend (1650mg of actives) 

We all know of the importance of the mind muscle connection and PRIDE does not forget this! Nootropics have been included in this product to give your brain the ultimate BOOST! If you’re wanting to sharpen your mind while having the best workout of your life then PRIDE is the pre-workout for you! 


500mg per serving of Taurine have been included to help boost your energy, mood and metabolism while improving exercise performance! What’s not to love? 


Feel your mood improve with 1g of Tyrosine per serving! Tyrosine can also assist with alertness and attention which can be important while lifting heavy. 


Get ready to focus in better than ever with 100mg of Phosphatidylserine in each serving of Pride! This ingredient has shown to have memory and cognition benefits AND can also be beneficial in helping to reduce muscle soreness! 

Theobromine 50mg 

Have you ever wondered why chocolate can not only taste so good but make you feel good too? Look no further than Theobromine, one of the properties in chocolate responsible for that good mood feeling! Pride has 50mg of Theobromine per serving which not only has mood boosting benefits but also improves cognition and energy! 

What makes PRIDE different to RP Max, PSI and OxyShred Hardcore?

PRIDE is different to RP Max as it doesn’t contain Beta Alanine, an ingredient that can cause the tingles but it still contains all those pump inducing ingredients! PRIDE also contains a slightly higher dosage of caffeine and more forms of caffeine containing ingredients that allow for a cleaner energy boost and no harsh come down. Unlike RP Max it doesn’t contain any B vitamins. 

This makes PRIDE perfect to use alongside Oxywhey or Oxyshred non-stim without having to worry about doubling up on your B vitamins! Pride contains caffeine whereas PSI is your non-stim version. This makes PSI good for use at night or if you don’t tolerate caffeine well. If you workout morning and night we’d recommend PRIDE in the morning then PSI at night if you’re needing a bit of a boost! While PRIDE and OxyShred Hardcore may be similar in caffeine content. 

OxyShred Hardcore is more suited for those with fat loss being their main goal! PRIDE differs to OxyShred Hardcore by giving you the ultimate PUMP, higher doses of nootropics for increased focus, concentration and coordination. PRIDE also offers assistance for enhanced recovery, endurance and prevention of muscle breakdown with the potent EAA blend.

Unlike RP Max it doesn’t contain any B vitamins. This makes PRIDE perfect to use alongside Oxywhey or Oxyshred non-stim without having to worry about doubling up on your B vitamins! PRIDE contains caffeine whereas PSI is your non-stim version. This makes PSI good for use at night or if you don’t tolerate caffeine well. If you workout morning and night we’d recommend PRIDE in the morning then PSI at night if you’re needing a bit of a boost! 

What makes PRIDE the best on the market? 

Been looking for a pre-workout that ticks all the right boxes? PRIDE not only says this it actually delivers the results! With PRIDE you’ll get clean sustained energy with our 5-stage caffeine release process, pumps without tingles, super nootropics for a razor focused mind to improve your performance, and even an industry-first, research-backed addition of EAA’s to assist with recovery, endurance and delayed fatigue. 

We want our pre-workout as hard as we do and PRIDE does exactly that! PRIDE has been formulated to ensure that the ingredients work synergistically together not just thrown in at random to look good on the label. 

Is PRIDE suitable for me? 

PRIDE is for those who enjoy caffeine helping to fuel their workout. With the ability to choose your dose of 20 serves or 40 serves container this allows you to control how high powered your workout will be! 

PRIDE helps to fuel a workout of any kind and can be used by advanced athletes, usual gym goer or home trainer alike! PRIDE can even be used by students or office workers needing to sharpen their mind assisting with memory retention, focus and caffeine for energy. PRIDE is vegan friendly, gluten free and contains natural colors and flavors. 

When is the best time to take PRIDE

PRIDE is best taken 20-30 minutes before a workout on an empty stomach. It’s safe to take 2 scoops however 1 scoop is also effective. PRIDE is best taken in the morning or early afternoon to ensure you’ll sleep soundly at night! If you love to train at night give Oxyshred non-stim or PSI a go! 

Is PRIDE stack safe? 

Yes! PRIDE can be stacked with Acetyl L Carnitine or Oxyshred Non-stim for extra fat burning abilities, sip on Pride with Beyond BCAA or have Beyond BCAA during your workout to assist with recovery, or if you’re wanting extreme pump you can stack Pride with PSI. The opportunities are endless!


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PRIDE Pre-Workout
PRIDE Pre-Workout
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Sale price Regular price Was $44.95
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