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Whether it's for your post workout shake or to boost your protein intake, EHPlabs Protein Powders will have you covered.

We've searched high and low to bring you only the best collection of protein supplements so you can get the most out of your upcoming fitness journey. With something to suit every fitness goal, get the most out of your next session with EHPlabs by your side.

Helping You Reach Your Potential

After spending YEARS helping people all across the globe smash their workout goals with high-quality protein powders, we know that everyone's needs and fitness journey are different. That's why we have a massive collection of proteins to choose from, full of a variety of different flavors and types to choose from. You'll find everything from muscle-building whey protein and whey protein isolate to alternative vegan protein powder. When choosing a protein powder that works for YOU, choose EHPlab's knowledge and years of experience to help.

What Is Protein Powder?

So we all hear bodybuilders and gym junkies say the more muscle you want to build, the more protein you have to consume. But WHY, and WHY should you be using protein powder? Well, for your body to be able gain energy, it needs to break down the proteins in your body for fuel. The only problem is your body can only produce so much on its own, so to build muscle you need to consume protein (what we call essential amino acids) in your diet.

So naturally, the more protein you consume, the more fuel your body has to build muscle. Unfortunately, we can only eat so much in the day right! And most of your favorite meals might not be very high in protein content. That's why protein supplements become essential to your fitness because it allows you to consume larger amounts of protein without having to eat mountains of food.

Protein powder has also been shown to increase recovery times, joint health, and improve overall body composition. Similar to any other supplement, protein should be used to give your body the nutrients it lacks, improve your nutrition, and further the results you want from your diet.

How You Can Use Protein Powder

Protein isn't JUST good for building muscle. It's a nutritional must for your body to function. Dieticians, nutritionists, and fitness experts all recommend an average person consumes a minimum of 0.8-1g/kg of body weight for protein.

What most people don't know is if used in tandem with a healthy exercise regimen, boosting your protein consumption is a great way to help control both your weight gain and weight loss!

As you work out, the vital proteins in your body are depleted, and as a result, using supplements can help you refill and recover. There are numerous uses for protein powder supplements, including:

Building Muscle

Protein supplements enhance muscle growth in the body by assisting in muscle repair when used in conjunction with an effective exercise program. This is why, depending on your circumstances, it can be used in a weight-loss or weight-gain program.

Certain protein powders have been shown to increase energy production in addition to suppressing appetite, which will give you more drive to finish the exercises you need to do to lose weight.

Losing Fat

Since you are consuming protein without the added calories included in a meal, protein supplements will help you control your appetite and blood sugar levels while also helping with muscle recovery and growth. All of these advantages work together to help you lose excess body fat while keeping the strength of your muscles.

It's been found that a great way to burn away those stubborn pounds is by using protein supplements as an appetite suppressant in combination with an exercise regime.

Gaining Weight

It can be challenging for people trying to bulk up or gain weight to eat the massive amounts of food needed to meet their weight goal. That's why protein powder is frequently used to give your body all the nutrients you need without the need to overeat.

Using protein supplements has also been shown to minimize the effects of "binge eating", allowing you to maintain a healthy relationship with your diet while you chase your fitness goals.

When ingested right before, during, or right after a workout, whey protein helps to grow muscle the most effectively since it helps to refuel your depleted muscles.

Using Protein Powder To Lose Weight

Combining a healthy, balanced diet with an exercise regimen will always the most the best way for you to lose weight. But by combining this healthy lifestyle with protein supplements, you can control your food cravings and restrict your calorie intake to promote weight loss.

Because protein powder has the effect of making you feel fuller for longer, ingesting protein supplements in the morning increases your likelihood of consuming less calories overall throughout the day.

Our Recommended Weight Loss Protein: OxyWhey!

By combining our unique protein formula with a delicious taste, we created the ultimate supplement that is perfect for muscle recovery and weight loss.

Using only 100% pure whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, OxyWhey's Lean Wellness Protein recipe contains up to 37 grams of protein per serve (depending on flavor). This protein is the ideal post-workout supplement to replenish your tired muscles and the ideal addition to any snack, meal, or baked item.

The main component, Chromium Picolinate, has been included to support your weight loss efforts since it is believed to support appetite control and lower the danger of overeating. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG, a particular probiotic strain, has been introduced to assist nutrient digestion, absorption, and synthesis in order to support gut health and immunological function.

Keep in mind that protein supplementation is not a long-term solution for weight loss! So no matter which delicious protein you decide to use, you should always combine your protein consumption with regular exercise and a healthy diet to maximize your results.

The Different Types of Protein Powder

"But there's so many options!". Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to protein powder. While every single one of our supplements is mouth-wateringly delicious and beneficial for your health, each type of protein has its own unique properties that align with your fitness goals. These include:

Whey Protein

Whey protein is probably the first type that comes to mind when you think of fitness. This is because, due to whey protein containing all nine essential amino acids, this supplement has everything you need to promote muscle recovery and boost performance.

The main three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) found in whey protein are leucine, isoleucine, and valine and are known for their role in muscle protein synthesis and protection from muscle breakdown for energy.

Vegan Protein Powders

Due to the ever-growing popularity of protein powder across the globe, hundreds of alternative vegan protein powders have now been developed. One of the most popular (and effective) of these options is plant based protein.

A great alternative for those with dairy allergies, this protein powder is a great vegan option that gives still gives you all the same muscle building benefits as whey protein.

Collagen Protein

Collagen is the "glue" that holds your body together and makes up roughly one-third of the protein found within your body. Unlike other supplements such as whey protein, collagen supplements are hydrolyzed, a process that makes it easier for your body to digest.

This makes collagen a great comfortable alternative for those looking to avoid the risk of indigestion and heavy feeling you might get with other products while still boosting your protein intake in your diet. Collagen supplements also increase the elasticity of your skin, smooths wrinkles and lessen the effects of aging so you can maintain your youthful glow!

Finding the Protein Powder For You

We here at EHPlabs understand that we everyone's health and fitness is different and your protein supplements should help you reach your unique goals.

Maybe you're focused on building muscle and want to stick with a dense whey protein? Or are looking for a plant-based protein powder that would be easier to digest and suitable for a vegan diet? Or maybe you want to focus on your overall health and wellness and would prefer a lighter collagen protein supplement?

To find your perfect protein match, you have to first decide what it is you want from your fitness journey. Try writing down what you want your end result to be and match your supplements to your goals!

Using Protein Powder In Your Diet

An important thing to understand is protein powder is NOT a meal replacement. Protein-rich foods should always be your first choice and protein powder should be used to supplement your diet.

High protein foods like fish., ‌poultry (chicken, duck, or turkey) ‌and eggs are all great dietary options, because they all have a complete amino acid profile. This means they contain all of the amino acids your body needs to energize and build muscle.

However, due to there being additional nutrients and varying calories in food, it isn't easy to measure your protein consumption accurately from your daily meals. That's why most people decide to get their daily protein intake from supplements so they can easily measure their intake and monitor the number of calories consumed at the same time.