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After over a decade of helping gym goers smash their weight loss goals, the team at EHPlabs is back again to supercharge your fitness results with OxyShred Hardcore.

Formulated using scientifically researched ingredients shown to promote razor-sharp focus, boost workout performance and charge up your energy levels so you can get moving and shred body fat.

At EHPlabs, we let the quality and results of our workout supplements speak for themselves! We've made it our mission to offer you products made from only the highest-quality ingredients. After helping MILLIONS of satisfied customers smash their fitness goals, it's safe to say we know what works!

What Is OxyShred Hardcore

We've all had those lazy days where we just DON'T feel like working out! Whether it's a long day at work or just the burnt-out feeling of juggling a busy life schedule, sometimes you just need something EXTRA to get you off the couch and into the gym.

That's why we've developed our strongest, most powerful, energizing OxyShred yet! Perfect for experienced pre-workout junkies and caffeine-addicted fitness freaks, we've taken our world-famous OxyShred formula and dialed the energy hit up to 100! So if you want to see hardcore results from hardcore workouts - OxyShred Hardcore is made for you!

Putting The Hardcore Into OxyShred

OxyShred is the world's #1 selling fat-burning supplement for a reason! Packed with scientifically-backed ingredients designed to stimulate your body's fat cell receptors, OxyShred has helped millions of people across the world smash their weight loss goals and achieve their dream body composition.

But there comes a time in everyone's fitness journey when that pre-workout shake just doesn't HIT the same way! That's why we built on the fantastic fat-burning formula OxyShred is known for, dialed up the key ingredients and formulated a delicious energizing fat burner perfect for kicking your workouts into overdrive.

By increasing the key ingredients-, we've massively improved the fat-burning and energy-boosting effects of OxyShred. Perfect for smashing through those inevitable workout plateaus, OxyShred Hardcore is truly the ultimate way to break through those low-energy moments and get the fitness results you WANT.

Is OxyShred Hardcore Safe?

The short answer - is yes! BUT, like any other workout supplement, OxyShred Hardcore should always be taken following the recommended instructions. Given the increased level of stimulants in the formula, those suffering from heart conditions may experience adverse reactions and should seek advice from a medical professional before purchase. Here at EHPlabs, your safety is our priority, so always read the handy usage recommendations we include with all supplements on our website.

Does OxyShred Hardcore Work?

OxyShred's world-famous formula is scientifically proven to stimulate fat loss and boost your energy levels. But like any other supplement on the market, you will only see results if it's used in combination with a healthy diet and intense workout regime.

Unfortunately, OxyShred isn't some weight loss cheat code that you can use to melt away stubborn body fat as you sit on the couch. There also aren't any "lose 10 lbs in 10 days" guarantees to be found. Everyone's fitness journey is different, and while OxyShred Hardcore will help boost your fat loss results and energize your workouts, your results will depend on the hard work you put into achieving your body goals.

Why Should You Use OxyShred Hardcore?

OxyShred Hardcore is not for the faint-hearted! It's designed with experienced gym goers in mind and should be treated as an advanced workout supplement. So is it for you?

Well, the answer is…potentially yes! Everyone's fitness journey is unique and so is your body's tolerance. Suppose your body has grown accustomed to various pre-workouts over the years, or you consume A LOT of caffeine throughout the day. Then OxyShred Hardcore is the perfect boost you've been looking for!

But if you are just beginning your fitness journey and aren't used to stimulants just yet, this supercharged formula might be a shock to the system.We would recommend first sampling the original OxyShred to see how your body reacts and then returning to OxyShred Hardcore if you still need that extra boost.

Is OxyShred Hardcore Vegan Friendly?

Yes!, OxyShred’s unique formula doesn’t include any dairy products, making it perfect for supporting a vegan fitness journey. EHPlabs has packed OxyShred full of natural ingredients designed to boost your body’s performance.