Beyond BCAA+EAA Intra-Workout
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Have you tried our NEW BEYOND BCAA+EAA?

The REINVENTED Beyond BCAA + EAA is the most potent scientifically formulated product to boost performance and recovery with the inclusion of EAA'S and Nootropics. 

We created BEYOND for EVERYONE that is looking to elevate their recovery, hydration and performance. So you can train harder today, and go BEYOND tomorrow.

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BEYOND is the best on the market and for good reason! With ingredients to assist with RECOVERY, PERFORMANCE AND FOCUS. Get the most out of your workout with BEYOND!

We created BEYOND for EVERYONE that is looking to elevate their recovery, hydration and performance. So you can train harder today, and go BEYOND tomorrow.

Here's what makes BEYOND the best performance intra-workout recovery formula in the industry:


10g Essential Amino Acids, including 8g BCAAs Combination of BCAAs and EAAs assists with muscular endurance, recovery & delays fatigue


50mg of patented SENACTIV®, scientifically validated to promote energy and muscle preservation. Read more about SENACTIV® here. 


1,500mg Tyrosine and Huperzine-A Super Nootropic matrix for razor sharp, dialed-in focus and mood enhancement to smash out every gyms sesh

Train Harder. Recover Faster. Get Results. 

Go above and BEYOND!

What ingredients make this formula so special?

EAA blend  

Our EAA blend includes all 9 essential amino acids including: 

  • Methionine for assisting energy production and fat metabolism.
  • Lysine for stimulation of muscle building.
  • Tryptophan for mood enhancement and pain tolerance.
  • Threonine for a healthy heart and strong bones and muscles.
  • Phenylalanine for improved rate of perceived exertion, pain tolerance and mood enhancement.
  • Histidine for assistance in offsetting lactic acid build up. 
  • Leucine for protein synthesis and energy production.
  • Isoleucine for endurance, energy and muscle recovery.
  • Valine for muscular growth, energy, and recovery. 

Patented Recovery Booster

SENACTIV® a science backed ingredient for support of energy production while preserving muscle cells and helping your body to regenerate new cells.

Super Nootropic Focus Blend

Tyrosine for alertness, higher attention, improved mood, focus and concentration. Huperzine A for improved focus and cognition without the effects of a stimulant! It also supports improved mood, learning and memory.

Is there a difference between BEYOND, RP MAX, PSI and PRIDE?

BEYOND is your caffeine free formulation and beneficial for intra-workout and recovery. It differs to RP MAX, PSI and PRIDE as those formulas are designed to use pre workout. This means you can safely take RP MAX, PSI or PRIDE before your workout then sip on BEYOND during your workout!

What makes BEYOND the best on the market?

Not many intra-workout products tick all the boxes BEYOND does! What makes BEYOND so special is that it combines performance, recovery and nootropic ingredients in a unique and science backed combination! You won’t find many recovery products that will assist your mood and focus! Including a full EAA profile with BCAAs and other important amino acids ensures these amino acids are working in harmony and means we can prevent catabolism while helping to build lean muscle mass.

Is a BCAA+EAA product safe to take regularly?

Yes! Are BCAA safe? Yes! Are EAA safe? Another Yes! The acronyms might sound scary but in fact are actually components that make up muscle. BCAA represents Branched Chain Amino Acids and EAA represents Essential Amino Acids. Amino acids make up proteins and essential amino acids cannot be produced by our bodies, so we need to take them either in the form of food or supplements to stay healthy and to help us preserve and gain muscle.

Who is BEYOND designed for?

BEYOND is designed for anyone who needs a helping hand with recovery after a workout OR for those needing an extra push of endurance and focus during their workout! What this means is that BEYOND is suitable for anyone! You don’t need to be an advanced trainer to use BEYOND! We’ve used vegan BCAA’s and all other ingredients to make sure our plant-based customers can take this with no stress!

When should I take BEYOND BCAA+EAA?

BEYOND is suitable to be taken during a workout for increased endurance, recovery and focus. We give you the choice to choose your dosage with our 30/ 60 serve option.

How to take BEYOND BCAA + EAA?

Mix BEYOND with chilled water and take one scoop or choose to take two scoops for extra focus and recovery benefits. You could also take it before your workout or at any time during the day when your focus is needing a boost or when your muscles are feeling a little worse for wear!

How does BEYOND BCAA+EAA work?

Our scientifically backed formula ensures ingredients work synergistically together to help you get the most out of the product! BEYOND helps you to recover faster by including our complete EAA blend to allow muscle protein to be replenished and regenerated. BEYOND helps with performance by including ingredients to improve focus, concentration, mood and alertness while working out. BEYOND improves your mood by including nootropic ingredients which help your body to adjust to stressors and improve the way your brain functions. Take your workout up and BEYOND

Want to try BEYOND for yourself and see what the hype is about? Purchase it here to train harder today and go BEYOND tomorrow!

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