PERFORM is a daily peak performance optimizer specifically designed to enhance your brain and body with the elite sports performance dosage of multivitamins, minerals and amino acids to ensure that you bring your A-Game to win everyday.

Perform is a first-of-its-kind powerhouse supplement formula with nootropic ingredients proven to improve both mental and physical performance.⁠



  • Increase your energy levels
  • Enhance your mind-muscle connection
  • Boost your memory, motivation, creativity, alertness, and overall problem-solving processes through added nootropic ingredients
  • Provide hormonal balance and support
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Aid active muscle recovery

When to take Perform? The product should ideally be consumed in the morning with food. It can be taken together with your OxyShred, pre-workout or even coffee.It has been specifically formulated for Women and is recommended to be taken every day in a 3-capsule serving.

Perform Womens 6-in-1 | Nootropic Peak Performance Optimizer

$49.95 USD

PERFORM is a daily peak performance optimizer specifically designed to enhance your brain and body with the elite sports performance dosage of multivitamins, minerals and ami... Learn more

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Perform At Your Peak

6-in-1 performance benefits

Perform is an elite blend of multivitamins, minerals, nootropics, antioxidants, probiotics and amino acids.⁣ These powerful capsules have all of your daily vitamin needs, and then some.⁣ With two gender-optimized formulations, for men and women, Perform is the perfect supplement to help everyone reach their peak performance.⁣

Boost your cognitive function⁣

Perform has been formulated with the optimum balance of Nootropics such as CDP Choline, Acetyl L-Carnitine and Phosphatidylserine.⁣ These Nootropics improve cognitive functions such as memory, motivation, creativity and concentration and enhances your mind-muscle connection making your potential limitless.⁣

Recovery & Stress reduction

Not only does Perform assist your body with muscle recovery but also help significantly to reduce anxiety and cortisol levels, which encourages your body to adapt and thrive in stressful situations.

Stress is a fight or flight reaction in the body which can raise cortisol levels and increase blood pressure. It's bad for your heart, your mental health and your waist line.⁣

PERFORM At Your Peak w/ Sumeet Sahni | EHPlabs

PERFORM At Your Peak w/ Sumeet Sahni | EHPlabs

Perform is the first of its kind as an elite sports performance supplement with nootropic benefits. It has been specifically formulated to optimise both brain and body functions and can be taken every day in a 3-capsule serving.

The Science behind Perform

The Science behind Perform

Everything you need to know - from the lead scientist behind this product, Izhar Basha.
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Perform Womens 6-in-1 | Nootropic Peak Performance Optimizer
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Morgan .
United States United States
Perform review

Wow do these pills give me a boost. Probably make me more alert than oxyshred. I am awake. Have tons of energy. And get soooo much done. They do have a bad after taste and I wish they were smaller (they aren’t big I’m just a baby at swallowing pills) But if you’re looking for mental alertness these are for you.

Nicole D.
United States United States
Provides great energy for the day

After taking it for 30 days I know I’ll definitely continue with this product! The way it boosts my energy for the whole day is awesome. I’m not having to drink coffee in the morning. I can tell if I skip a day how worn down I feel in the afternoon. Also it definitely provides a mood stability, I feel calmer and more in control of my stress level during the work day. Highly recommend for a daily supplement!

A EHPlabs Customer
Miss M.
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Not for me... personal opinion only

Just not for me, only because my stomach seemed to not want to digest these tablets and made me sick... I'm sure they are great and should work for most people. Unfortunately.... not for me!


Hi, These are in capsules if you have digestive problems then break open the capsule and add the ingredients to water or juice :) Hope this helps - Team EHP