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Collin Joseph Mayne

Deeds not words
EHP Athlete Since: 2020
Fun fact: I suffered a severe brain injury as a child and have a large portion of my skull missing. I had disability and couldn't read or write until 12
Collin Joseph is a Canadian fitness model, physique competitor, ex-MMA fighter, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur.
Since an early age, Collin was an athletic guy interested in sports and fitness. His main passion was MMA, but unfortunately, Collin sustained an injury to his head which prevented him from competing in kickboxing or MMA.
He was devastated but eventually managed to recover and find a new passion – fitness and Men’s Physique competition.
Collin has created multiple business in the health and fitness industry as well as the legal industry. He has created numerous supporters across his social media platforms, who are inspired by his informative posts, motivational quotes and pictures.
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Which OxyShred is right for you?

Which OxyShred is right for you?

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