Which OxyShred is right for you?
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Which OxyShred is right for you?

OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner is the world’s most popular thermogenic fat burner, having been a part of millions of people’s weight loss journey.
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OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner is the world’s most popular thermogenic fat burner, having been a part of millions of people’s weight loss journey.

Now that OxyShred has expanded to include another two varieties; OxyShred Hardcore and OxyShred Non-Stim, it begs the question - What are the differences between the 3 OxyShred products and how does one use them? No matter what your level of activity, training experience or goal, there is an OxyShred suitable for everyone.


OxyShred utilises stimulants in small doses like caffeine anhydrous, bitter orange fruit extract to provide an increase in energy first thing in the morning and during training. When combining these stimulants with mood enhancing ingredients; tyrosine, taurine and huperzine A, it synergistically works with the stimulants to provide powerful focus, alertness and concentration.The original phenomenon that started it all! OxyShred’s main ingredient is acetyl L-carnitine - a naturally occurring amino acid that transports fatty acids into muscle tissue to be burned off as energy.

OxyShred contains a unique blend of herbal and fruit extracts to increase your fat burning capacity by increasing your metabolism, decreasing your ability to store glucose as fat and improve insulin sensitivity. 

The perfect combination to get you moving to burn fat cells!

Battling hunger pains is the real deal. Often pushing people to the mental limits trying to stay sane while losing weight.

Luckily OxyShred’s fusion of Garcinia Cambogia, CLA, green coffee bean extract, olive leaf extract and chromium picolinate work in a number of ways to suppress your appetite and kick hunger pains to the curb.

All together OxyShred helps millions of people lose weight and remains at the forefront of thermogenic fat burners available today. 



OxyShred infrographic




OxyShred HardcoreOxyShred Hardcore sets itself apart from the original OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner as it takes the OG formula and turns up the heat… literally!

With more of the same ingredients and new superhero ingredients to enhance thermogenesis and fat oxidation like Acetyl L-carnitine and Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine, CLA, Advantra Z (bitter orange extract) and Evodiamine - a dried fruit used in Traditional Chinese Medicine that increases your metabolic rate so you burn more calories.

Oxyshred Hardcore delivers a potent punch to the system, with dialled up amounts of stimulants to give you monsterous amounts of energy. Increases in caffeine anhydrous, guarana seed extract, green coffee bean extract provides longer lasting smoother energy than the original Oxyshred - perfect for advanced Oxyshred users who need an even greater boost.

It’s not enough to just simply have energy, stimulants alone will leave you feeling scatterbrained and lacking direction and focus.

To rectify this, the Oxyshred formula combines it’s stimulants with a blend of nootropic ingredients to enhance alertness, cognition and razor sharp focus - so you can channel all that energy into the task at hand, obliterating your workout.

OxyShred Hardcore still offers an impressive mixture of ingredients to promote immunity and wellness. Glutamine, vitamin C, B vitamins and inulin fiber, as well as chromium picolinate to help balance blood sugar levels.

If you’re looking for a powerful fat burner that provides hardcore amounts of long lasting energy, concentration, clarity and razor sharp focus, then you need OxyShred Hardcore!


Oxyshred Hardcore Facts



OxyShred Non-Stim

OxyShred Non-Stim takes all of the potent fat burning ingredients from OxyShred Thermogenic fat burner and disposes of any stimulants (i.e. Caffeine Anhydrous, bitter orange fruit extract, green coffee bean).

As a replacement, OxyShred Non-Stim includes TeaCrine, which is a compound found in coffee beans and tea leaves that produces clean, natural energy by increasing the uptake of oxygen. TeaCrine has no impact on the adrenal glands, central nervous system, heart rate and blood pressure and is therefore not a stimulant.

As such, it is perfect for anyone with anxiety, caffeine intolerance, anyone training at night time or doing shift-work.

OxyShred Non-Stim uses two key fat mobilising ingredients; Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine tartrate to shuttle fatty acids into cells to be used as energy.

Acetyl L-Carnitine also has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier to improve alertness and focus which is crucial while dieting and in a caloric deficit. Tyrosine and Huperzia Serrata make a return appearance from the original OxyShred formula to further enhance mood, concentration and focus.

All the other amazing ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia, CLA, Raspberry Ketones, Chromium Picolinate are included in OxyShred Non-Stim Fat Burner to further increase fat burning mechanisms, enhance mood and suppress appetite - making this product one of the superior options for a caffeine-free fat burner.



Oxyshred Non-Stim


OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner has been used twice a day for years to help those with their weight loss goals and powering through rigorous workouts. With the other variants now available, here are some other possible combinations that could be benefit OxyShred users:





NOTE: We do NOT recommend using OxyShred Hardcore and OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner in the same day OR using OxyShred Hardcore more than once a day.

If you want the best results, you need the best products and the knowledge as to which is best for you. OxyShred now can accommodate even more people by being suitable for individuals who want to maximise their ability to lose weight with the original formula, those who can’t tolerate caffeine with OxyShred Non-Stim, and the advanced gym goers who ask more from their fat burners and pre-workouts with OxyShred Hardcore.




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