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What are Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Energy Drinks?

At EHPlabs, it’s our mission to help everyone reach their health and fitness goals, which is why we decided to take a twist on the popularity of RTD’s and formulate a supplement that doesn’t only taste good, but will also help achieve your shredding goals with added health benefits.
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Ready to drink (RTD) beverages are a soaring success in numerous global markets and are the fastest-growing alcohol beverage category in the U.S, becoming more and more popular amongst American consumers because of the convenience they offer. This has raised considerable concern by health authorities over the last several years as it has been suggested that RTD’s have contributed to increased alcohol consumption due to their sweet taste and attractive design.

At EHPlabs, it’s our mission to help everyone reach their health and fitness goals, which is why we decided to take a twist on the popularity of RTD’s and formulate a supplement that doesn’t only taste good, but will also help achieve your shredding goals with added health benefits. All the powerful ingredients used in our world renowned #1 thermogenic fat burner - OxyShred, have been combined in a delicious carbonated ready to drink can. No shaker required!

Our community loves OxyShred products not just for what they do but also for how good they make us feel, which is why Oxyshred Ultra Energy has already become a big hit with our team of athletes


RTD’s are sold in prepared ready to drink packaging and are often mixed with a spirit or wine and a non-alcoholic mixer, such as juice or soft drink. Other RTD’s on the market are fortified beverages containing caffeine amongst other supplements (vitamins and minerals) to help enhance mental alertness and physical performance. 

Unlike most competitors on the market, Oxyshred Ultra Energy is a unique, on the go pre workout functional energy drink that delivers long lasting energy and enhances fat loss results.

How do RTDs work?

Most RTD’s sold for performance purposes contain a high dosage of caffeine to help provide a temporary energy boost. Adenosine is a chemical in the brain that is responsible for sleep and when caffeine is ingested, it blocks the effects of adenosine. This causes neurons in the brain to activate and releases a hormone called adrenaline. This results in an elevated heartbeat and an increased release of sugar into the bloodstream, which causes an increase in energy and alertness. However, most energy drinks on the market contain unhealthy amounts of added sugar which results in a rapid energy boost followed by a crash.

Oxyshred Ultra Energy is a no sugar ready to drink pre workout, formulated with three different sources of caffeine containing ingredients to provide a sustained energy, without a crash! 

OxyShred Ultra Energy

What is the EHPlabs RTD?

OxyShred Ultra Energy is the best ready to drink pre workout, formulated using powerful ingredients to not only provide a boost of energy, but also promote fat loss, provide immune support, balance blood sugar levels and assist in improving mood and cognition. 

Caffeine Anhydrous, Guarana and Green Tea Extract have been added due their benefits in improving focus and cognition, shown to increase energy levels while also assisting with performance, helping to power through even the toughest of workouts. 

L-Carnitine is a clinically proven ingredient which has been included to help assist the body in the transportation of free fatty acids into the mitochondria, where it can be burned off as energy. In addition, Green Tea and Bitter Orange Extract have been added due to their potential benefits in helping reduce body fat, lower cholesterol markers and increase resting metabolic rate.

For general health and wellbeing, OxyShred Ultra Energy contains a range of B vitamins to assist with energy production, brain function and nutrient metabolism. Vitamin C has also been included to support the immune system and the body’s response to stress. Additionally, amino acids taurine and tyrosine have been added for their cognitive and mood enhancing properties. 

OxyShred Ultra Energy also contains Chromium to assist with balancing blood sugar levels, an important factor when embarking on a calorie deficit.


Are our RTDs safe?

Oxyshred Ultra Energy RTD has been formulated under strict policies and procedures, using all-natural energy boosting ingredients for optimal safety and effectiveness. That being said, most pre-workout ready to drink caffeine drinks contain high doses of added sugar, exceeding the maximum amount of added sugars recommended for an entire day. In comparison, EHPlabs Oxyshred Ultra Energy contains zero sugar and has no calories!

What flavors do our RTDs come in?

Oxyshred Ultra Energy RTDs come in 5 delicious flavors, so you can be sure to find one you love!

Kiwi Strawberry: The succulent strawberries with the tastiest burst of kiwis will take you back to your 90’s favourite fizzy drink.

Passionfruit: An all-round crowd pleaser with sweet and tangy passionfruit without the pips.

Guava Paradise: A tropical refreshment originating from Central America, is a combination of strawberries and the sweetest of pears that will take you straight to paradise.

Peach Candy Rings: Juicy candy vibes with the sweetness turned up a notch. This tasty gummy lolly flavour will trick you into thinking you’re enjoying your favorite peach candy rings.

Pina Colada: This tropical tropical getaway treat will take your tastebuds to your favourite beach club, infused with fresh coconuts and the juiciest of pineapples.

We understand that your fitness journey is an ongoing process which is why we're here to help you become a happier and healthier you, always priding ourselves in taking care of our customers and products through continuous and never-ending improvement.

Grab your Oxyshred Ultra Energy today to see the results for yourself and check out our free training and advice page for more information on all things health, supplements and fitness!

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