What Is A Pre-Workout?
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What Is A Pre-Workout?

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A typical introduction to the pre-workout world generally begins in one of three classic scenarios:

1) Your gym buddies tell you about a crazy new ‘pre-workout’ they have been taking that gave them the best workout ever.

2) You’ve been told by someone behind a counter at a sports supplement store that there isn’t even any point in working out without a pre-workout.

3) You’ve started looking for ways to have more energy in the gym and came across pre-workout supplementation!


Pre-workouts provide an increase in energy, strength, better mental focus and an overall improvement in performance and muscle building potential based on the ingredients within them. We will examine the various ingredients popularly used in pre-workouts and find out if they can help you!


One major perk of a pre-workout supplement is an increase in strength in the amount of weight you can lift. This is achieved through mechanisms that are activated by a few different ingredients: 

CREATINE: Most well-known strength enhancer. In the body creatine converts to phosphocreatine. This molecule donates its phosphate group to ADP to convert it to ATP, the energy molecule all our cells utilize. Strength increases from creatine result from the excess of energy molecules available - increasing endurance, especially when muscle cells are depleted of oxygen, slowing the natural production of ATP. Creatine is often taken on a separate basis!

 It is common knowledge that caffeine increases mental clarity, energy and endurance. Caffeine has also been clinically proven to reduce the feeling of ‘effort’ when performing strength training. With the right amount of caffeine in your system, you are able to push harder and lift heavier with less strain.

 Ingredients that promote the production of nitric oxide will dilate blood vessels during exercise, increasing the circulation of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood. This allows all your muscles to be nourished and results in increased strength, endurance and recovery.

 Widely known for that tingly, itchy, warm sensation associated with pre-workouts! Beta-alanine promotes strength increase by acting as a buffer in muscle tissue. Your muscles perform at their peak at a specific pH. Lactic acid produced during exercise decreases the pH out of the optimal range. Beta-alanine combats this acidity, maintaining optimal conditions for longer!


By increasing your strength, you are lifting heavier weights which builds muscle. If you have more energy and greater endurance, you are working out for longer and harder, which equates to a greater volume of weights being lifted. Pre-workouts ultimately help to increase the amount of work you do, thereby increasing the amount of muscle you build! 

In the end, pre-workouts are a personal preference. It is important to note that some pre-workouts have a very high level of stimulants. You should consider your own tolerance to stimulants and judge whether or not it’s the right move for you. Additionally, if you feel that you need to take multiple servings to get an effect, it may be time to change pre-workouts or take a break to re-equilibrate your adrenal glands.

A few others are sensitive to caffeine, and so opt to pass on pre-workouts. Fortunately, there are now formulated pre-workouts that do not contain the caffeine element!


PSI, by EHPlabs has been scientifically formulated to be one fo the most effective non-stim pre-workouts on the market. It contains optimally dosed ingredients that have been extensively studied and proven to synergistically promote vasodilation, enhance nutrient and oxygen delivery to working muscle, and increase cell hydration for incredible pumps while also helping to improve mental focus.

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The potent RP Max formulation provides the optimal central nervous system and adrenal gland stimulation to trigger a positive homeostatic energy release, improved cognitive ability by reducing the blood brain barrier, and enhance muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

RP Max pre-workout is also scientifically balanced to prevent a negative feedback physiological response to mitigate against post-workout stimulant crashes and adrenal gland exhaustion.

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