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OxyShred Clinical trial

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The results are in!

OxyShred has been scientifically proven to increase caloric expenditure and metabolic rate. What does this mean? It’s a fat burner that ACTUALLY works! [1]

We know OxyShred works. We know OxyShred is the best on the market. We have nothing to hide and wanted to prove that we’re not all talk - this product works! We didn’t need a study to confirm how good OxyShred is, just ask the millions of people in our community worldwide.

Burn Fat with OxyShred

What type of study was conducted?

A randomized, placebo-controlled study* was conducted to assess OxyShred’s efficacy and safety. This type of study is the gold standard of clinical trials as it takes any consumer bias out of the equation.

What did the study find?

OxyShred produces a statistically-significant (numbers that large enough to be meaningful) sustained increase in metabolic rate and caloric expenditure. What does this mean? OxyShred is a thermogenic product that actually helps you to burn fat!

OxyShred was also found to reduce fatigue over three hours without producing adverse hemodynamic responses. What does this mean? Subjects felt more awake, active and alert without any negative side-effects on their blood pressure or heart rate. This is the clean energy we talk about! Try OxyShred for yourself today!

*The study conducted assessed females only, stay tuned for the results for males! Wanting to read the full text? We'll be sure to update our community as soon as it becomes available. Subscribe to our emails to be the first to know.

If you want to check out the abstract click the link here: https://digitalcommons.wku.edu/ijesab/vol2/iss14/4/

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