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Our Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Immunity

Immunity - the ability of an organism to resist infection. Everyone is talking about it but how do you actually improve your immunity and stay as safe as possible?
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Immunity - the ability of an organism to resist infection. Everyone is talking about it but how do you actually improve your immunity and stay as safe as possible?

Here are 10 tips to help improve your immunity from the flu and cold viruses. 

wash hands

Wash Hands Thoroughly & Regularly

There are countless times throughout the day that we inadvertently touch our face. By washing your hands frequently, you lower the chances of spreading bacteria from our hands to our faces which have many places that can reach the inside of our bodies.




The benefits of exercise cannot be stated enough. Improving your immune system, mood, cardiovascular and reducing the risk of obesity just to name a few. It doesn’t have to be a workout that brings you to the edge of death but rather 45 minutes per day of a brisk walk should be enough.



Get Plenty of Sleep

Burning the candle at both ends is very costly, particularly when trying to avoid getting sick. Sleep is the body’s way of recovering and recuperating from a hard day. The more sleep, the better chance for fighting off viruses and infections.


fruit veg

Eat Plenty of Fruit & Vegetables

You are what you eat! In this case, fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants, polyphenols and other helpful nutrients that rev up your immune system so it can perform at its best to protect you.




The human body is made up of 60-70% water. It helps flush out toxins and improves every facet in your body because the body uses water in so many different ways. Keep your body happy and drink at least half a gallon of water.



Stress Management

Sounds easier than it is - “Just don’t be stressed”, is often a phrase by people who have relatively good stress tolerance. Manage your stress by doing things that bring you joy or to a calmative state. Meditation, mindfulness, exercise or even a handy stress ball are common ways to reduce stress. 



Get Plenty of Sunlight

Get in the sun to gain nature’s activated Vitamin D. This vitamin plays a role in regulating your immune system and unlike food sourced Vitamin D, your body does not have to convert it to use it.




Supplement Where Necessary

Let's be real, no one is a model of perfect health ALL the time. Life throws too many obstacles that from time to time have slip ups. To balance this, adding supplements to your daily routine will go a long way to bolster your immune system as they will fill the holes in your diet that you could be lacking. Check out our Health & Wellness range and give your body the boost it needs!




Limit Your Exposure to Drugs & Alcohol

Cigarettes, recreational drugs and alcohol can impact your body’s ability to function. From the well documented dangers of smoking and alcohol to the fairly limited researched effects of recreational drugs - if you’re trying to stay well, it would be best to limit your consumption.



Dress Appropriately

Be smart with how you dress and make sure your attire suits the conditions. Keep your body protected from the elements at all times. For example carry an umbrella if the weather is overcast or wear closed shoes during colder weather.
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