New Beyond BCAA+EAA Fijian Pineapple


New Beyond BCAA+EAA Fijian Pineapple

Are you using BEYOND intra-workout? 

With the response from our new BEYOND product being so positive we have decided to add a NEW FLAVOR! Refreshing, sweet & delicious and transporting you to a tropical place you’d rather be, introducing FIJIAN PINEAPPLE! With a thirst-quenching fruity taste Fijian Pineapple BEYOND will help you elevate your intra-workout supps game.

What is an intra-workout product?

An intra-workout is a supplement designed to be taken as the name suggests. During your workout! Previously intra-workout products mainly consisted of BCAA’s alone, which was good but these days we can do better! Modern research has shown the inclusion of all essential amino acids together is more beneficial for muscle growth and recovery than just BCAA’s alone. What if we told you you can take that even further? BEYOND is an industry first intra-workout product designed to get you results.

Why you should be rehydrating with BEYOND during your workout?

Instead of just being your average amino product designed to assist recovery, BEYOND takes an intra-workout product to new heights! 

You can get more out of an intra-workout. Find out what BEYOND does:

  • Boost Your Performance

    50mg of patented ingredient SENACTIV is included in the formula to assist with muscle preservation & promote energy helping you to power through the most grueling workouts with ease!

    • Improve Focus 

    1500mg of Tyrosine & 10mcg of Huperzine A nootropic ingredients designed to improve your focus so you can stay dedicated to your whole gym sesh! Make those endorphins work harder for you with Tyrosine helping to elevate your mood. 

    • Delay Fatigue

    With natural energy promotion from Senactiv fatigue will be delayed allowing you to train harder for longer! An Essential Amino Acid blend replenishes muscle cells and reduces time it takes to recover from workouts. 

    • Improve Endurance

    With a BCAA & EAA blend you can be assured that you are giving your all to assist with muscle building. Including this full spectrum of essential amino acids also helps to improve pain tolerance which will allow you to lift heavier!

    • Assist Recovery

    Start your recovery process mid workout by sipping on BEYOND! Senactiv is a recovery booster which can help preserve muscle cells while also assisting the body to regenerate new muscle cells. Our old faithful BCAA’s are also in healthy amounts to help fast-track the recovery process. 

    With 5 delicious flavors to choose from you can’t go wrong with BEYOND. We think the new FIJIAN PINEAPPLE is the perfect balance of refreshing, fruity & sweet at the same time!

    Want to try  BEYOND for yourself and see what the hype is about?  Purchase it here to train harder today and go  BEYOND  tomorrow!

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