Meeting Nutritional Needs With a Smart Snackcessory
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Meeting Nutritional Needs With a Smart Snackcessory

SNACKCESSORY⁠⠀[snac-ses-orie)⁠⠀(n.) when your favourite snack is your best accessory⁠
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(n.) when your favourite snack is your best accessory⁠⠀ ⁠⠀

sentence: LUST, your latest snackcessory

Life is so busy in this day and age and it can often feel difficult to get to the gym, prepare your meals, go to work, spend quality time with friends and family and somehow schedule in downtime all before it’s time to get to bed (and preferably at a reasonable hour). No wonder so many people fall into the trap of grabbing a not-so-healthy snack from the supermarket or a cafe!

These snacks may be affecting your results more than you think. A sneaky chocolate bar from the supermarket or muffin from a cafe has a high number of calories, and are certainly not the macronutrient breakdown that a satisfying and healthy snack should be. They are usually filled with refined sugars, preservatives and fast-digesting carbohydrates meaning they will fill you up for approximately 10 minutes before you’re hungry again, leading to excess calories.


So how are you expected to find the time to meal prep extra food for snacks, or find healthy alternatives in the confusing ‘health aisle’ of the supermarket?

The key is to choose the right snack in terms of ingredients and macronutrient breakdown. There is nothing wrong with a packaged snack if you have no time to prepare your own, just ensure that it is not filled with bad quality ingredients!

They can even be more convenient as you can keep them in your bag all day long for whenever you need. We are here to help you break down the perfect snack, and describe what to keep an eye out for.

Firstly the macronutrient breakdown of your snack should be heavily protein weighted, look for at least 50%. Protein is going to keep you fuller for longer as it is more difficult for your body to digest, so think long-lasting energy!

It will also help your mental clarity, unlike carbohydrates which often leave you feeling groggy and lethargic. If the snack does have carbohydrates then have a look at sugar contents.

If the snack has more than 5-10 grams of sugar, it is not going to keep you full and satiated. If your snack is lower than 25% carbohydrates, low in sugar and high in fiber, then it sounds like you are on the right track!

Moderate fats in your snack is great, especially if it is consumed in the afternoon. Up to 10 grams of fat will also help you to feel fuller for longer and will keep you energized with the ability to concentrate on your work.

So basically look for high protein, low carbohydrate, and moderate fat.



  • Medium Banana 105 calories, 1.3 Protein, 0.4 Fat, 27 Carb
  • 3 Corn Thins and Tbsp Honey, 156 calories, 2.4 Protein, 1 Fat, 35 Carb
  • Smoothie with Banana, 30g Oats and Almond Milk, 219 Calories, 5.3 Fat, 47.4 Carb
  • 1 Cup of Whole Grain Cereal and Almond Milk, 211 Calories, 6.5 Protein, 1.6 Fat, 46.5 Carb Post-workout snacks:
  • Yopro tub, 95 calories, 15.2 Protein, 0.3 Fat, 7.4 Carbs
  • OxyWhey Shake, 110 Calories, 24 Protein, 1 Fat, 2 Carb
  • 3 Corn Thins and 30g Low Fat Cottage Cheese, 116 Calories, 6.1 Protein, 1 Fat, 20 Carb
  • 1 Tin of Tuna in Springwater, 82 Calories, 19.5 Protein, 1 Fat, 0 Carb


  • LUST Bar, 212 Calories, 18 Protein, 6.8 Fat, 3.4 Carb
  • 1oz Raw Nuts, 177 Calories, 5.2 Protein, 12.4 Fat, 8.6 Carb
  • 1 Boiled Egg with 30g Avocado, 128 Calories, 6.3 Protein, 9.8 Fat, 4 Carb
  • 3 Corn Thins with 20g Natural Peanut Butter, 206 Calories, 8.8 Protein, 9.4 Fat, 21.8 Carb

A high micronutrient content is very ideal for all of your snacks. Take this as an opportunity to intake extra vitamins and minerals, which will not only help with your energy levels but also help you to defend sickness and keep your body functioning the best it can. Keep an eye out for fiber, B Vitamins, D Vitamins and any other vitamins on the nutrition label.

Once you know what to look for, healthy snacking is actually incredibly easy! Do not be afraid of packaged snacks, as long as you are checking the ingredients and macronutrients. Keep an eye out for our EHP LUST Protein Bars that are now available, they are the perfect macronutrient breakdown and full of vitamins that will keep your feeling energized and healthy!

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