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Introducing Oxyshred Ultra Energy

Introducing OxyShred Ultra Energy EHPLabs’ new convenient and delicious ready to go carbonated beverage. It’s energy REIMAGINED! Coming Soon to!
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Introducing OxyShred Ultra Energy EHPlabs’ new convenient and delicious ready to go carbonated beverage. It’s energy REIMAGINED! Taste the difference for yourself today and get closer to your goals. We know how much everyone loves our world renowned #1 thermogenic fat burner OxyShred, so we wanted to provide all the same benefits in an easy on the go design. No shaker or tub required, just open, sip and get shredded!

What makes OxyShred Ultra Energy the BEST? 

OxyShred Ultra Energy

OxyShred Ultra Energy is more than just an energy drink! It provides clean, long lasting energy without the crash and no jitters. All while providing the same benefits as our original thermogenic fat burner OxyShred . What’s more? The flavors are out of this world delicious and include Passionfruit, Kiwi Strawberry, Pina Colada, Guava Paradise & Peach Candy Rings.

Oxyshred Ultra Energy is different to regular energy drinks as it contains more than just caffeine! OxyShred Ultra Energy contains powerful ingredients to promote fat loss, vitamins and minerals for overall health and immune support, blood sugar balancing ingredients & cognition support to assist improving your mood! All of this while containing zero sugar and 0 calories per serve!

OxyShred Ultra Energy utilizes the benefits of different sources of caffeine including caffeine anhydrous, guarana and green tea extract to ensure you have sustained energy without the crash.

It also contains L-Carnitine, a clinically proven ingredient to assist with fatty acid oxidation and mobilisation. L-Carnitine assists our body to transport free fatty acids into the mitochondria, where it can be burned off as energy. Making OxyShred Ultra Energy the perfect beverage to enjoy when on a calorie deficit.

What are the benefits of OxyShred Ultra Energy? 

Energy Support

OxyShred Ultra Energy contains different sources of energy boosting ingredients to help you power through your day & workouts! It includes Caffeine Anhydrous, a tried and tested source of caffeine that has been shown to increase energy levels while also assisting with performance. Guarana Extract is an ancient amazonian plant that has high bioactive components including antioxidants, caffeine & properties that may improve focus & cognition. To round out the caffeine components OxyShred Ultra Energy also includes Green Tea Extract which not only will give you a sustained energy boost but also contains potent antioxidants, & properties that can assist with fat loss. You can say hello to clean, long lasting energy and goodbye to the crash that comes along with traditional energy drinks!

Thermogenic Fat Burner

It wouldn’t be an OxyShred product without potent fat-burning ingredients! OxyShred Ultra Energy contains L-Carnitine to assist with fat cell mobilization to promote it to be burnt off as energy. It also contains Green Tea Extract which contains antioxidants called catechins which have been linked to reduction in body fat and lowering of cholesterol markers. Get closer to your goals with OxyShred Ultra Energy.

Mood Enhancer Nootropics

Our community loves OxyShred products not just for what they do but also for the way they make us feel! OxyShred Ultra Energy contains amino acids taurine & tyrosine known for their ‘nootropic’ properties. Taurine has been shown to improve mood, cognitive function, & restore GABA function (a neurotransmitter which can help reduce anxiety). Tyrosine also improves cognitive function while improving our response to stressors making OxyShred Ultra Energy the perfect on the go beverage to help offset mood swings and lethargy during a calorie deficit.

Vitamin & Mineral Blend

OxyShred Ultra Energy contains a range of B vitamins to assist with overall general well-being, energy production, brain function & nutrient metabolism. It also contains Vitamin C, a well-known antioxidant vitamin for supporting the immune system and our response to stress. Whether you’re just wanting to look after your health, you’re feeling a little stressed or just need a pick me up OxyShred Ultra Energy is what you should be reaching for!

Blood Sugar Support

OxyShred Ultra Energy contains ingredients to assist with balancing blood sugar levels, an important factor when embarking on a calorie deficit. Chromium is a mineral that has been included for it’s properties to assist with blood sugar balancing as well as its impact on reducing cravings and food intake. Inositol is also included in OxyShred Ultra Energy as it can assist in improving insulin resistance and blood sugar balancing.

ultra energy

How do I take OxyShred Ultra Energy?

Taking OxyShred Ultra Energy is as simple as cracking the lid open and enjoying! When should I take OxyShred Ultra Energy? You can take OxyShred Ultra Energy in the morning on an empty stomach, 15 minutes prior to your workout or any time during the day when you feel you need an energy boost! Avoid eating or drinking (except for water) for 20 minutes after consumption for maximum absorption.

How much caffeine is in OxyShred Ultra Energy?

OxyShred Ultra Energy has a total of 180mg caffeine per can. We recommend consuming 1 can per day. What are you waiting for?

Experience energy reimagined SOON and taste the difference of OxyShred Ultra Energy

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