Introducing The EHP Pride Month Cotton Candy Collection!-EHPlabs
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Introducing The EHP Pride Month Cotton Candy Collection!

We are launching a limited edition Cotton Candy flavor across three of our most popular supplements in celebration of Pride Month. 

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We are launching a limited edition Cotton Candy flavor across three of our most popular supplements in celebration of Pride Month. 

What is Pride Month?

Pride month is about fighting for equality for the LGBTIQ community and is celebrated to include all members of our families and communities who had to hide their true identity. Openly talking about Pride month can make a big difference in how we see the world, celebrate diversity in our community, and continue to push for true equality and inclusion. 

Why Cotton Candy?

Here at EHPlabs, we live and breathe the ethos of family and positivity, with a strong belief in empowerment through lifting others. For this reason, we have launched a flavor with a unique story to celebrate Pride Month and all that it stands for. 

The Cotton Candy flavor symbolizes nostalgia and takes us back to a place from our childhood of sheer joy, no judgment, total happiness, and where everyone feels completely accepted. Similar to the world of fitness where we strive for complete inclusivity, ensuring that everyone always feels welcome and accepted for who they are. 

Which EHPlabs supplements can I find in the flavor Cotton Candy?

Pride, OxyShred Ultra Concentration, and OxyShred Ultra Energy are the three products that will be launching in Cotton Candy. These are our best-selling, energy and mood-enhancing supplements and are stacked with everything you need to reach your fat loss goals and succeed both in and out of the gym. 

Pride Pre-Workout

Pride is our strongest pre-workout, containing PentaffeineTM 5-stage energy that will leave you feeling energized without a crash.

Containing L-Citrulline, which has been shown to improve blood flow and increase arginine levels, resulting in increased performance. It also contains a unique blend of performance-boosting ingredients, including the 9 essential amino acids to assist with strength, mood, and muscle recovery. 

Utilizing Pride as a pre-workout drink can help you break through exercise fatigue, and train harder for longer, ensuring each workout is completed with maximized performance. 


OxyShred Ultra Concentration is our top-selling formula and is one of the world’s most trusted and effective nutritional supplements to hit the market.

It contains an array of ingredients such as different forms of caffeine, L-Carnitine, amino acids, and vitamins to boost energy, stimulate fat burning, enhance mood, improve focus, boost immunity and promote overall wellness. 

Utilizing OxyShred daily will provide you with long-lasting energy throughout the day and enable you to achieve the most optimal fat loss results - the original phenomenon that started it all!

OxyShred Ultra Energy Drink

OxyShred Ultra Energy is a delicious, lightly carbonated, ready-to-drink beverage that delivers the same benefits as EHPlabs world-renowned flagship product OxyShred.

No shaker or tub required, just grab, go and get results!

Perfect for anyone on the go, and a healthier alternative to conventional energy drinks with an array of health benefits. 

Try our new, universally loved carnival flavor, that tastes exactly like cotton candy and will take you back to your favorite childhood memories. Let’s celebrate inclusivity and diversity together as one!

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