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How to Beat Sugar Cravings

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Being in a calorie deficit is HARD! You might be dealing with cravings and feel like this is all getting too difficult! We’ve put together this helpful list of ideas to help you stop sugar cravings in their tracks!

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What do sugar cravings mean?

Sometimes sugar cravings can be the result of being in a calorie deficit. Sugar filled foods are normally quite calorie dense and when dieting down our body may crave those higher calorie foods for a quick energy burst.

What causes sugar cravings?

Sugar cravings can be caused by a variety of factors including being in a calorie deficit, eating a diet that is not well balanced, excess consumption of sugar (can lead to heightened sugar cravings), hormone fluctuations, and unbalanced gut flora (candida overgrowth or other bacterias).

Tips to stop sugar cravings naturally:

Are you drinking enough water?

Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger which can lead to overeating of excess calories and a lot of the time in the form of sugar! If you are living an active lifestyle you most likely will be needing to drink more water. For men, aim for at least 3L of water per day and for women aim for at least 2L of water per day. This will help you to keep hydrated and also reduce any mistaken cravings!

Fill up with fiber

Fiber is not only good for digestion, keeping you regular and improving your health. It is also good for helping to reduce hunger and cravings! Fiber adds bulk to meals which in turn will keep you feeling full for much longer. Instead of eating a PB & J Sandwich on white bread, why not try having a salad sandwich on whole wheat bread with an apple on the side and a handful of nuts. This will not only take a lot longer to eat but the added fiber from the wholewheat bread, salad, apple and nuts will help you stay feeling full for much longer!

Eat well balanced meals

A lot of the time sugar cravings can be due to eating unbalanced meals. When we eat meals that are either too heavy in one macronutrient and too light on in another macronutrient this when our bodies might present us with some pesky cravings! At every meal aim to eat a healthy portion of lean protein (roughly the size of your palm), a serving of healthy fats (around the size of your thumb), and a portion of complex carbohydrates (roughly a fist sized amount) each meal to ensure you are eating a well balanced meal.

Are you getting enough protein in your diet?

Protein is not only important for our gym bros! It’s also important for those on a fat loss journey as it can help to reduce any muscle lost due to weight loss and can help to keep us more satiated throughout the day. Why not satisfy your sweet tooth and get your protein in at the same time??

Blessed protein has launched a NEW, delicious flavor Cinnamon Churros!

This flavor will transport you to the dessert of your dreams, keep you satisfied AND help you reach your body composition goals! This amazing tasting new flavor of Blessed can be mixed with water or plant-based mylk for a snack or you can mix it into a smoothie, oatmeal or baked goods for a dreamy cinnamon taste.

Add cinnamon powder to meals

Did you know that cinnamon can help to reduce blood sugar levels which in turn can help to reduce sugar cravings? BRB sprinkling it on everything! You can add cinnamon to breakfast foods, to liven up a curry or stew or over freshly cut fruit. Just be careful as a little goes a long way. We recommend ¼ tsp of cinnamon added to foods for a subtle but delicious taste. If this sounds like too much effort you’re in luck!

Blessed Cinnamon Churros contains real cinnamon which will help you to satisfy your sugar cravings and help reduce them all in a tasty shake or food of your choice!

Sugar cravings don’t have to ruin your progress! Try these tips next time cravings hit and conquer your goals with ease!

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