With International Yoga Day on the 21st of June, there is no better time to highlight the benefits of including Yoga and Pilates into your training routine. Although it is important to base your training regime around your goals, there is no doubt that these two styles of workouts will enhance your results, whether your goal is bodybuilding or running a marathon.

Yoga is commonly known in the fitness industry for being a great way to stretch and lengthen your muscles while increasing flexibility. It is also known for increasing balance, which is certainly true as many of the poses will be unilateral and challenge stability. This is beneficial in life right now, but also long-term when you will need those stability skills even more!Katya Elise Henry Yoga | Blessed Protein InstagramThere are also so many other benefits associated with practicing yoga. The techniques that you learn and implement in a yoga session will help you to release muscle tension, reduce muscular pain and even help you recover from injuries. Additionally, this practice can help you prevent common injuries as it takes you through a full range of motion with each muscle, preventing the wear and tear of them. The slow movements may use just the bodyweight as resistance, however, the control you need to use paired with the holding time will help strengthen your body and improve endurance, without the usual ‘momentum’ we tend to use in other training styles.

The meditation and relaxation side of yoga is incredibly beneficial for your mind and nervous system. The breathing technique that is taught will help you to breathe with control, using your diaphragm. This is the most effective way to get the most amount of oxygen to your muscles and body, therefore increasing performance. By slowing down, relaxing your mind and breathing deeply, you will be getting better quality sleep. This improves your energy levels and mental clarity. Not only will these factors benefit your work and home life, but also your training sessions that relate directly to your fitness goals!

Similarly to yoga, Pilates is known to benefit our flexibility and mobility, while preventing and often helping to recover from injuries. This is because Pilates takes us through a full range of movement, giving us a balance of both strong on long muscles. Pilates is a very low-impact way of training, so although we are still improving our strength and endurance, we are also keeping our joints safe.

There is a large focus on the core in Pilates, which doesn’t just help grow and define your abs, but helps reduce back pain by strengthening the spine! A strong core will help in so many other styles of training, especially strength. By bracing your core you are able to keep a strong foundation while performing exercises like squats and deadlifts.

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