Having a clear goal in sight and knowing whether you are striving towards fat loss, muscle gain, increased strength or general wellbeing will help boost your motivation and allow you to see better results. When it comes to goal setting, it’s important to establish exactly what you want to achieve and write down what steps you can take to reach your goal. This can include; getting an adequate amount of sleep, planning your workouts and sticking to a nutritious meal plan.

Which bundle is right for you? 

Once you’ve established a clear goal, it’s important to incorporate the right supplements into your daily routine. Doing so will enable you to reach your full potential and get one step closer towards achieving your goal. EHPlabs Summer Sale has a range of bundles with our top selling supplements on offer, so if you’re wondering which bundle you should pick based on your goal- we’ve got you covered!

Fat loss Summer Shred Stack

This stack contains the basic essentials if you are looking to rapidly achieve your fat loss goals this summer. The combination of OxyShred and Acetyl L-Carnitine acts as a fat burner, triggering fat receptor cells to enhance the fat breakdown process. In addition, caffeine containing ingredients in Oxyshred will increase your energy levels throughout the day to help you power through any workout. Sip on Beyond BCAA-EAA during or after your workout to help minimize muscle soreness from strenuous workouts for optimal recovery. This stack stack also includes OxyGlow for beauty enhancing benefits, which can be mixed in with Oxyshred or Beyond for glowing youthful skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

Ultimate Summer Shred Stack

This stack will not only help you shred fat, but also optimize your overall wellbeing, performance and recovery. Reach your fat loss goals sooner than ever before with Oxyshred and OxyRem. OxyShred will assist with fat loss and support healthy metabolism. To help you burn fat even while you sleep, OxyRem is a fat burning, non-stimulant thermogenic, scientifically formulated to promote Rapid Eye Movement (REM) deep sleep, while also curbing appetite and boosting metabolism. PRIDE will leave you feeling energized without a crash and increase your performance. For optimal recovery, OxyWhey assists with lean muscle growth whilst stabilizing appetite to support you on your fitness journey. In addition, Enhanced Performance Vitamins contain essential vitamins and minerals to not only enhance your performance, but also promote health, vitality and boost immunity. To round up optimal wellness and beauty benefits, this stack also includes OxyGlow, which boosts natural collagen production and supports a radiant complexion.

The Summer Strength & Performance Stack

This stack has everything you need to boost muscular powder and exercise performance for optimal muscle growth and increased strength. PRIDE is the perfect pre-workout that will leave you feeling energized without a crash so you can make the most of your workout. In addition, CREA-8 can be mixed into any of the supplements from this bundle for performance, strength and recovery benefits. For optimal recovery benefits, ISOPEPT and Beyond BCAA+ EAA contain essential amino acids which will help reduce muscle soreness and rapidly fuel muscles for optimal growth and repair. This stack also includes a resistance band which can be used in your warm ups for greater muscle activation, during your main exercises to optimize technique, or complete banded exercises as an exercise finisher.

Blessed Summer Bundle 

If your goal is more wellness focused and you are looking to give your gut, skin and hair an ultimate boost, the Blessed Summer Bundle is perfect for you. You can also stack this bundle with any of the Shred and Strength stacks to optimize your health from the inside-out, delivering ground-breaking results! Blessed Booster Debloat Gut Fix is the perfect addition to your daily routine to help debloat, detox, and improve digestion that pairs exceptionally with Blessed Booster Skin Glow which helps increase skin hydration, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and plumps the skin for a smooth luminous complexion. Blessed Protein will further improve your digestion, wellness and support lean muscle development and weight management. Oxyshred assists with fat loss and rounds up the wellness components, by providing you with an added energy boost and metabolism support.

Reach your goals and take advantage of EHPlabs Summer Sale before the time runs out!