BLESSED with THE BEST! Protein Flavor Reveal

BLESSED with THE BEST! Protein Flavor Reveal

Ain’t nobody LOVE Blessed protein like Katya Elise Henry does! To celebrate, we have collaborated with Katya to bring you a LIMITED EDITION flavor of Blessed- Blueberry Pie! This protein flavor is like no other with the taste of sweet blueberries and flaky pastry. Meet your body composition goals while still tasting dessert! Get ready to party like it's ya birthday with this totally indulgent, yet guilt-free protein packed flavor completely reminiscent of blueberry pie! 


Whether you’re trying to build muscle or drop some body fat, protein is your best friend! It can be super hard getting enough protein in your diet - this is where protein powder comes in - it is seriously such a convenient way to up your protein intake. Blessed literally mixes into water or plant-based milk SO easily and it tastes DELICIOUS!

Adding more protein to your diet helps to:

  • Build muscle and yes - that includes growing your peach like Katya🍑
  • Keep you fuller for longer by stabilizing appetite
  • Boost the quality of your hair, skin and nails 

And SO much more! 


Blessed is an all-natural and plant-based source of protein made from golden pea protein isolate. Free from dairy, gluten, artificial sweeteners and all other nasties, it is made from the finest sustainable raw ingredients so you are only getting the best for your body! 

With 23g of golden pea protein isolate per serve, Blessed is PERFECT to increase your protein intake so you can build muscle, grow your curves, or lose excess weight! The benefits of Blessed are literally endless! 

Blessed is low carb and low GI to support weight loss and keep your energy levels stable! Blessed protein also has an alkalizing effect on the body for improved recovery and energy. The benefits of Blessed are literally endless! 


Blessed Blueberry Pie is no ordinary protein - the berry flavor will totally curb your dessert cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth.So don’t get stuck just having it as a protein shake… It's time to get creative! You can bake and cook with it (don’t worry, heating Blessed does not negatively affect the protein in any way), mix it into oats, yogurt, smoothies and so much more.

To celebrate the launch of Blueberry Pie, check out our recipe e-book for some creative ways to use Blessed Protein!

Download your FREE recipe e-book below!

Tantalize your taste buds and try Blessed Blueberry Pie today! Kill your dessert cravings and meet your body composition goals with Blessed Blueberry Pie.

3-Pack Blessed Protein | 3 x 30 SVS Bundle 3-Pack Blessed Protein | 3 x 30 SVS Bundle SAVE UP TO 25% SALE NEW SOLD OUT PREORDER
3-Pack Blessed Protein | 3 x 30 SVS Bundle
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