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7 Reasons To Try Plant-Based Protein Powder

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With so many types of protein powders on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Plant-based protein powders have been becoming more popular, particularly amongst those on a vegan or plant-based diet. Not only are plant-based protein powders unique in their formulations, but they also contain essential nutrients that can help you with your fitness and physique goals.

Consuming enough protein from the diet alone can be a significant struggle for many of us. Protein powders are the convenient solution for boosting protein intake so you can reach your fullest potential.

So, should you choose plant-based protein powder? Keep on reading for seven incredible reasons to try plant-based protein powder.


#1 Helps build lean muscle


One of the major benefits of plant-based protein powders is that it can assist you with building lean muscle. Increased intake of protein is essential to stimulate muscle growth. Consuming enough protein to support this goal is extremely challenging, especially for those on a vegan or plant-based diet.

Research shows that those on a vegan diet have a lower intake of protein compared to other types of diets (1). Without consuming enough protein, the ability to build muscle is compromised. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to combat this is through regularly consuming a plant-based protein powder, such as Blessed Protein.

Blessed Protein is made from Golden Pea Protein Isolate, giving an incredible 23g of protein per scoop. Additionally, Blessed contains all the essential amino acids, which can often be hard to consume on a plant-based diet. The plant-based protein helps to fuel muscle protein synthesis to increase muscle growth and strength.

#2 Supports fat loss goals


Whilst plant-based protein helps with building muscle, it also has the capacity to support fat loss. Plant-based protein powder can help regulate appetite and reduce sweet cravings which can facilitate fat loss in combination with an adequate diet and exercise regime.

Blessed Protein is low carb and low glycemic index to support fat loss and overall weight management. Containing only 6g of carbs per serve, and up to 2.5g of fiber per serve, this plant-based protein powder keeps blood sugar levels stable to prevent unnecessary insulin spikes and unwanted fat storage.

Plant-based protein also tends to be lower in calories compared to whey. This is the case for Blessed Protein which contains between 110-120 calories per serve (depending on the flavour), so you can get all the nutritional benefits to support fat loss without adding an excess amount of calories to your diet.

You can easily consume plant-based protein powder as a low calorie and filling snack between meals, or add a scoop to main meals such as breakfast smoothies, or oatmeal, to increase the protein content and get the fat loss benefits.

#3 Fewer digestive complaints


Many people experience digestive issues when consuming protein powders, however, this is less likely to occur when consuming plant-based protein powder. Common digestive side effects include gassiness and bloating. Many people have dairy intolerances or allergies, and therefore, experience digestive problems when consuming whey protein. Plant-based protein does not contain dairy, making it more suitable for many individuals.

Plant-based protein powder made from peas, such as Blessed Protein, is naturally gluten-free. This makes it suitable for those with intolerances to gluten or those with Celiac Disease. Blessed Protein is also soy-free, to reduce digestive complaints amongst those with a soy intolerance. Additionally, Blessed Protein contains psyllium seed powder, which is a source of fiber to help improve digestion and manage constipation.

#4 Assist micronutrient intake


Obtaining adequate amounts of micronutrients such as essential vitamins and minerals, can be a major struggle. This is especially the case for those on a vegan or plant-based diet, as research shows deficiencies in iron and calcium are particularly prevalent amongst individuals following those diets (2). Consuming enough micronutrients is essential for optimal health as they play a role in energy metabolism, bone mineralisation, cells signaling, neurotransmitter production and much more. Micronutrients can even help assist fat loss and muscle recovery.
Plant-based protein powder has an excellent micronutrient profile. The specific micronutrients in the formula depends on the source of protein as some powders can be sourced from pea, brown rice, hemp seeds, and more. Blessed Protein is made from Golden Pea Protein Isolate, giving it an exceptional micronutrient content.

Depending on the flavour, Blessed Protein contains anywhere between 30 - 76% of the daily values (%DV) of iron. This is substantial, as iron is essential for oxygen transport and the formation of red blood cells. Consuming enough iron is vital for increased energy, immunity, DNA synthesis and so much more. Regular exercise can also decrease your natural iron stores, therefore, increasing iron intake through plant-based protein powder can be a particularly useful strategy.

Blessed Protein also contains 30-40mg of calcium per serve, depending on the flavour. Hitting the daily recommended calcium target is exceptionally difficult due to generally low-moderate consumption of dairy amongst the population. Calcium is vital for bone mineralisation, cellular signaling, muscular contractions and nerve function. Therefore, the boost of calcium provided by plant-based protein is highly beneficial.

#5 Helps alkalize the body


Modern diets are particularly high in acidic foods such as meats, eggs, cheese, processed grains, soft drinks, and alcohol. These foods create an acidic environment in the body, which can lead to negative health consequences over time, such as increased inflammation, poor bone density and even unwanted weight gain.

Blessed Protein has the opposite effect. Blessed is alkalising with a pH of 7.8, which helps create a more alkaline environment within the body. Creating an alkaline environment within the body is beneficial and helps to improve energy and recovery, reduce inflammation, improves cardiovascular health, and may also assist with weight loss.


#6 More sustainable and environmentally-friendly


Plant-based protein powders have considerably less of an environmental impact compared to other types of protein powders. Due to this reduced environmental impact, plant-based proteins are more likely to be sustainable in the long-term. In fact, pea protein produces 4-7 times less greenhouse gasses compared to dairy based protein powders. Blessed Protein is made from the finest 100% sustainable raw ingredients, and the tub is made using recycled materials, making it the perfect choice for those who are environmentally conscious.


#7 Delicious and convenient


Plant-based protein powders are extremely convenient and taste delicious. Blessed plant-based protein is naturally flavored with Stevia, to create an array of incredible flavors, making consuming protein powder more palatable.

Blessed Protein comes is currently available in 10 flavours, so there will be one that suits your preferences. Plant-based proteins typically have a bad reputation due to their gritty texture, but Blessed has been formulated to combat this and has a smooth pleasant texture and taste.
One scoop daily is all you need to get the incredible benefits plant-based proteins have to offer. You can simply mix one scoop with water or plant-based milk of choice for a quick, on-the-go snack, or, you can add a scoop to oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, or even baked goods.


Are you ready to give plant-based protein powder a try?


With all the incredible benefits plant-based protein powders have to offer, you will be making an incredible choice for your body and the environment by giving plant-based protein a try!

Blessed Protein has been formulated to be the leading vegan-friendly protein powder on the market that delivers incredible nutrients whilst tasting delicious. With 23g of protein per serve, you’ll be one step closer to reaching your fitness and physique goals.

Order some today and experience the benefits for yourself!
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